EMWed 2007

This is the semi-secret behind the scenes blog for the Eric Whitmore and Mikaela Renz wedding in Albuquerque, September 29th.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Emwed Pictures

Thanks to my mom, Rob, and Aaron, we've got a substantial number of pictures documenting the weekend that was EMWed 2007!

Take a peek here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/mjrenz/sets/72057594069775121/

Looking especially for Friday night pictures and actual ceremony pictures from Sat night if anyone has them. And of course, great Volcano disaster pictures always welcome!

In a few years, we will have a hard time believing that actually happened, and that all of you were there to ruin your best outfits (sorry about that!).

Sunday, October 7, 2007

The Vows

Cheers to C.K. and Karen, who inspired us to write these vows.

Thanks to Mindy for writing the perfect ceremony in which to start this stage of our adventure!

  • Kindness: I promise to give the highest priority to the kindness that our connection deserves.
  • Growth: I agree to take responsibility for my own happiness, health, and growth and help as much as I can, as gently as I can, with yours.
  • Gentleness: I will try to understand myself first in silence and speak the hard things softly in order that we both may hear.
  • Connection: I will continue to learn and respect who you are and search out points of connection.
  • Humor: I will do my best to appreciate the moments of humor and celebrate moments of joy that we may lighten the darker times.
  • Responsibility: I promise to take responsibility for the quality of our life together.

These rings, which were once symbols of your private commitment to one other, now become public symbols of the larger commitment you are making to your friends, to your family, to your larger community, and to the work you will continue to do together in this world.

Do you, Eric, choose Mikaela to be your family from this day forward?
I do.

Do you, Mikaela, choose Eric to be your family from this day forward?
I do.

Do you, Eric and Mikaela, agree to be the best partners to each other that you can?
We do.

Do you, Eric and Mikaela’s family and friends, agree to support this couple, individually and together, from this day forward?
We do.

Do you also agree to take responsibility for your own growth and relationships, and the work that you do in the world and in your communities?
We do.

And we thank you for doing it!

E & M

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Thanks, Sophie!

Mikaela says:
Not only did Sophie give us a shout-out in the oh-so-popular-with-the-quirkily-popular-It-Crowd Duke City Fix, she also sent me a thank you card for attending the wedding. That has got to be a first.

Who does that?

Sophie the Magnificent, that's who.

Just so you know, the rest of you should NOT hold your breaths for thank you cards. Eric & I are still falling into bed exhausted and sick after work each day, which I personally plan to do for at least another week before even buying thank you cards.

By the way, we have tons of champagne left over. Anyone wanna come watch movies with us and play innovative drinking games as we write those cards?

Let us know!


Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Pictures Trickling In (We Want a Flood - really this time!)

Mikaela says:

Hope everyone's still warm and dry and happy out there! We're still married, so it WAS worth it (to us, at least!)...

I'll post pics that people send me here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/mjrenz/

email your pics to: mjrenz@gmail.com

I'll also post more "I survived emwed" t-shirt ideas as they come in... Some of the best so far:
  • It's more than a wedding; it's an adventure!
  • Wind and rain and hail, oh my!
  • Technology may be our friend, but nature sure as hail isn't!
  • Nature is no match for laughter, life, and love


Monday, October 1, 2007

Scavenger/Treasure Hunt update

First, thanks to everyone who participated in this part of the EMWED 'adventure' -- your enthusiasm was fantastic (we did promise an adventure, if you'll recall). All the teams were creative and highly motivated, and the so-called 'laziest team' was really a group of creative overachievers who used more technology (not a bad thing). Anyway, it was a competition so there have to be winners... here goes:

"Fluffy Chicken"
Hakim Bellamy
Aaron Cuffee
Jasmine Cuffee
Tracey Pontani
Sabina Zuniga-Varela

Honorable Mention:
Grubb Graebner
Ella Sitkin
Alexis Kerschner
Val Hart


Matt Giles
Cletus Riedel
Michelle Riedel
Aaron Pennington
Dawn Sperber

Scott Moore
Tasina Banks Moore
Sierra Concha
Mona Whitmore
Jeff Whitmore
Yvonne Corcoran

  • "Nihilistic Technofetishist" bumper sticker
  • Chupacabra
  • Albuquerque Subway Map
  • Gallus domesticus
  • A piece of turquoise
  • Fry Bread
  • Water from the Rio Grande
  • An item from GO
  • Ticket from a movie shot locally
  • Isotopes Baseball
  • GPS coordinates of the Dingo Bar
  • Location of the 'Sandia West' Ski Area- and who is encouraged to ski there...
  • One jaywalking ticket
  • Bolt of lightning
  • Item from the nearest Fred's Bread and Bagels location
  • Two tickets for a local flight
  • Fresh Snow
  • Acoma City
  • Hot air balloon
  • Chevy on a Stick
  • Primary color
  • Pirate joke
  • Ayahuasca story
  • Check for $10,000,000.01
  • Magic Trick

As we mentioned, the responses were fantastic -- and very creative...
A personal Ayahuasca story (2, actually), a real live chicken, chevy on a stick, and jaywalking ticket?! Who brought the live chicken? Who shaved a lightning bolt on the side of his head? The answers to these and other questions when we post the video sometime soon.