EMWed 2007

This is the semi-secret behind the scenes blog for the Eric Whitmore and Mikaela Renz wedding in Albuquerque, September 29th.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

The Vows

Cheers to C.K. and Karen, who inspired us to write these vows.

Thanks to Mindy for writing the perfect ceremony in which to start this stage of our adventure!

  • Kindness: I promise to give the highest priority to the kindness that our connection deserves.
  • Growth: I agree to take responsibility for my own happiness, health, and growth and help as much as I can, as gently as I can, with yours.
  • Gentleness: I will try to understand myself first in silence and speak the hard things softly in order that we both may hear.
  • Connection: I will continue to learn and respect who you are and search out points of connection.
  • Humor: I will do my best to appreciate the moments of humor and celebrate moments of joy that we may lighten the darker times.
  • Responsibility: I promise to take responsibility for the quality of our life together.

These rings, which were once symbols of your private commitment to one other, now become public symbols of the larger commitment you are making to your friends, to your family, to your larger community, and to the work you will continue to do together in this world.

Do you, Eric, choose Mikaela to be your family from this day forward?
I do.

Do you, Mikaela, choose Eric to be your family from this day forward?
I do.

Do you, Eric and Mikaela, agree to be the best partners to each other that you can?
We do.

Do you, Eric and Mikaela’s family and friends, agree to support this couple, individually and together, from this day forward?
We do.

Do you also agree to take responsibility for your own growth and relationships, and the work that you do in the world and in your communities?
We do.

And we thank you for doing it!

E & M


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