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Friday, March 14, 2008

Transportation: The New Word in Sexy Honeymoon Style

Our other theme, lest you think we're having a horrible time, is transportation. We didn't really set out with this intention. Our focus was more narrow: we thought only of trains.

Day 2 in Vancouver, however, we woke up not quite knowing what we would do that day, where we would go, or how we'd get there. We wandered to the concierge desk and asked where we could go for a day trip by ferry. Our fleeting thoughts of Vancouver Island vanished with the words "3 hour one-way." We latched on to a closer day trip by ferry to a place called Bowen Island, which necessitated an hour-long bus trip and 20-minute ferry ride, with stunningly beautiful views during both.

Now we've taken plains, trains, busses, and ferries. And walked all over Vancouver (some of it intentionally). Today is more walking, potentially more buses, a sky train, and one locomotive heading east. Other than the coffee (and the food, which has also been not so stellar), not a bad trip!


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