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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Umea Approaches

Anyone out there?

Been a good and crazy busy time... Moved into the new place back in October (I keep thinking it was September), and finally had a housewarming/baby welcome event a week and a half ago.

"Baby welcome"? That's right, and if you're only hearing that now, we apologize.

We're at 38 weeks now, with an expected arrival date for Umea of 30 March, but she could come any time.

Umea? Yes, somewhat based on the Swedish City of a similar name -- we liked the sound, the connection with place and the loose connection with my family heritage.

We've been very lucky, Mikaela's been great (and not too much discomfort), and the baby's room is looking full, welcoming and very baby room-like. Meanwhile, the car seat is installed, we're somewhat packed, and... waiting nervously.

More to come...


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